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AC Transit International Boulevard Bus Rapid Transit Project

CHS Consulting Group is passionate about making our world smarter, accessible, and sustainable. Transportation systems and facilities are the foundations supporting our economy and way of life. A well-designed system will move people and products efficiently and enhance the vibrancy of a region, a city, or a neighborhood. In contrast, an improperly designed system can wreak havoc on our communities. Traffic congestion, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and lack of transportation options are often the result. San Francisco’s Embarcadero and Central freeways and Boston’s Central Artery were once congested nightmares that caused community decay; CHS Founding Principal Chi-Hsin Shao was closely involved in replacing those elevated freeways with grand, pedestrian-friendly boulevards, enhanced transit systems, and open spaces that revitalized neighborhoods. In addition, CHS has been collaborating with architects and planners to promote higher density, mixed-use development near transit stations, and walkable developments.

We understand that the world is changing, and our transportation systems must adapt to those changes. Some changes are cultural: young professionals, in particular, prefer dense urban living and rely on transit, bicycling, and walking. Some are political: the amount of money available for improving our transportation systems can often be uncertain and unstable. But, many changes are technological: Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and autonomous vehicles will continue to influence the way we live, work, and travel.

While culture and politics are elusive, we believe that technology is where professionals can play a major role in adapting our transportation systems to our changing world. Our growing staff features specialists in Intelligent Transportation Systems who have been designing ITS systems for the California High-Speed Rail Project. We are researching how new technologies can be integrated into public transportation systems. We’re also strategizing how TNC services can affect vehicle ownership rates and parking supply, and how autonomous vehicles may benefit our day-to- day travel.

We invite you to explore our track record across our disciplines: Transportation Planning; Transit Planning, Operations, and Design; Traffic Operations and Microsimulations; Traffic Signal Design and Intelligent Transportation Systems; Design-Build Projects; and International Projects.