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SFMTA Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP) Phases 1 and 2 San Francisco, CA

The Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP) is the first comprehensive effort in over 25 years to review Muni and recommend ways to transform it into a faster, more reliable, and more efficient public transit system for San Francisco.  The project included comprehensive data collection using APC, research of best practices from other transit systems, and extensive public outreach to community stakeholders, policy makers and SFMTA employees. The Phase 1 study recommendations focus on service factors aimed at increasing customer convenience: improved reliability reduced travel time, more frequent service and updated Muni bus routes and rail lines. The recommendations focus on new routes and route extensions, more service on busy routes and elimination or consolidation of certain routes or route segments with low ridership. The goal is to deliver more service to Muni customers without increasing Muniís operating budget; accordingly, the system will be more efficient, effective, and customer friendly. Phase 2 of the project is currently implementing these recommendations.

CHS Consulting Group was responsible for conducting field work including transit riding and windshield review in order to assess local access/egress conditions; operating conditions and delay conditions. In addition, we collected and compiled and mapped APC data for over 70 Muni bus lines for service evaluation and analysis. For the operations review, CHS performed schedule review and service management practices.

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