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Shaanxi Province Toll Road Bank Grade Investment Study



Shaanxi Province Toll Road Bank Grade Investment Study
Shaanxi Province, China

Project Overview

This project is located in Shaanxi Province, a relatively impoverished region in the interior part of China that is in transition from a predominantly agricultural to a mixed industrial/agrarian economy.

The project involved the construction of 176 kilometers of a four-lane controlled access toll expressway across a terrain of flat farm land and Loess Plateau with deep gullies; providing consulting services and training to enhance construction quality, road safety, and bridge design; and project monitoring and evaluation. The expressway from Yumenkou to Yanliang will become the main transportation corridor in the Weinan Prefecture and will be part of the National Trunk Highway System from Inner Mongolia to the Vietnam border.

A second phase of the project involved a 4 kilometer bridge over the Yellow River and the extension of the expressway to the northeast through Shaanxi Province to Houma, a distance of 60 kilometers. The project included 36 major bridges, 13 interchanges with toll collection stations, 51 crossings, and 13.5 kilometers of connecting roads. The project requires the upgrading of 627 kilometers of provincial and county roads and the improvement of roads to poor townships. International Development Planners led the project.

CHS Role

CHS Consulting Group was responsible for the transportation planning analysis for this Asian Development Bank-funded bank-grade investment project, including travel demand forecasting, cost benefit analysis, and the transportation management plan.