Announcing Byung Lee, P.E.!

CHS would like to congratulate Byung Lee on becoming a licensed Professional Engineer. In April, Byung took the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam in the civil engineering concentration. The exam is administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) and is the last step in the process of becoming a licensed P.E.

CHS Consulting Group Welcomes Siqing Yi, Frank Feng and Nathaniel Seeskin to Our San Francisco Office

October 2018

CHS Consulting Group would like to welcome three new staff members to our growing team: Siqing Yi, Frank Feng, and Nate Seeskin. Both Siqing and Frank come to CHS from UC Berkeley. Siqing earned a MS in Transportation Engineering. Previously, she had received a Master of Urban Planning degree from Texas A&M University and has interned with CHS since summer of 2017. Siqing’s academic research covered Bus Rapid Transit, rail transit, shared mobility, smart card data, active transportation planning, and freight planning. Frank earned a Master of Science in Transportation Engineering. Frank interned with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, and worked as a field engineer for NTK Construction. Nate joins us after receiving his Master of City and Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina. For his Master’s project, Nate worked with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to analyze demographic data behind traffic calming requests, concluding that privileged communities are more likely to request traffic calming measures than poor communities.

CHS Consulting Group Welcomes Celina Lee to Our San Francisco Office

Celina Lee

October 2018

CHS Consulting Group welcomes Celina Lee as our new Senior Traffic Engineer. Celina has 15 years of hands-on experience in traffic signal and ITS design; street, highway roundabout, and rail crossing design; lighting design; traffic management plans; and construction staging and traffic handling plans. She has prepared over 70 signal designs in 35 cities in both Northern and Southern California. Celina is currently designing traffic signals and ITS elements for the California High-Speed Rail Project’s first segment, now under construction in the Central Valley; prior to joining CHS, she prepared track and roadway alignment alternatives for the High-Speed Rail segment between Palmdale and Burbank. Celina is serving as an extension of engineering staff for the City of Mountain View, a role she performed for several years before joining us. As part of San Francisco’s Vision Zero initiative, Celina is analyzing alternatives, including a roundabout, to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety at a high-injury intersection. Celina is a licensed Civil Engineer and Traffic Engineer in California, and holds a BS in Civil Engineering from San José State University.

Congratulations to TJPA on Opening the Salesforce Transit Center

August 2018

CHS Consulting Group congratulates the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) on completing San Francisco’s Salesforce Transit Center, the largest regional transit hub west of the Mississippi River. The Transit Center was conceived as the “Grand Central Station of the West,” where a multitude of local, regional, intercity bus and rail lines, and California High Speed Rail will converge.

The Salesforce Transit Center officially opened to the public with a neighborhood block party on August 11, 2018; the following day, 27 AC Transit Transbay bus lines, along with regional service from Amtrak, Greyhound, Westcat Lynx, and Muni Treasure Island Service, began serving the new third level bus deck. San Francisco Muni local buses have been operating from the street-level Bus Plaza since June.

CHS is proud to have worked with TJPA and the design team to help bring this ambitious project to fruition. CHS designed traffic signals at seven locations: five on surface streets adjacent to the Transit Center, and two on the elevated bus deck leading to and from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The signal designs feature Transit Signal Priority (TSP) for at-grade intersections, timing and coordination plans for the elevated bus deck, signal synchronization between the bus deck signals and the surface intersection adjacent to the terminal, and Changeable Message Signs (CMS) on the bus deck.

Planning and design are underway for a 1.3-mile extension that will bring Caltrain commuter rail to the Transit Center. CHS is proud to be an active participant on this project as well, responsible for transit and traffic engineering tasks.

CHS Consulting Group Welcomes Tony Mendoza to Lead Southern California Practice

May 2018

CHS Consulting Group is pleased to welcome Tony Mendoza, Southern California Area Manager, to lead our Los Angeles office.

Tony brings a wealth of experience in transit planning, and in building partnerships and consensus for complex and contentious projects. Tony is an award-winning transportation planner with an emphasis on high-capacity transit projects, transit system planning and operations, and transit-oriented development. He recently led successful planning and community-focused consensus engagement for the Livable West Long Beach and Green Terminal Island Plans. In 2016, the American Planning Association – Los Angeles awarded Livable West Long Beach its Neighborhood Planning Award of Merit, and Green Terminal Island its Urban Design Award of Excellence.

Prior to joining CHS, Tony served as the Deputy Director of Planning and Integration for the California High-Speed Rail Authority, where he led the station area planning TOD program, and developed programs and partnerships with federal, state, and regional agencies and cities between San Francisco and Anaheim to implement TODs at high speed rail stations. The California High-Speed Rail Authority cited Tony for Excellence in Community Involvement. He was Planning Manager with Oregon Metro for five years and Manager of Service Development for Portland’s Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District (Tri-Met) for 13 years. In these positions, he led the transit and land use integration for the Regional Transit Plan, and the 30-year update of the regional High Capacity Transit network in Portland. The Transportation Research Board recognized his work for Oregon Metro’s High Capacity Transit System Plan with a Public Information Innovation Award, and the Oregon Transit Alliance named the High-Capacity Transit Plan its Innovative Transit Project of the Year. A native and resident of Long Beach, California, Tony has a BA in Public Administration with an emphasis in City Planning from San Diego State University. He is board chair for Walk Long Beach, past founding board member of Carshare Portland, and an expert advisor to City Fabrick in Long Beach.