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The Company CHS Consulting Group is a solution-oriented company. We offer bold visions, and innovative and creative strategies. We use state-of-the-art computer software to perform high quality technical analyses, and use creative graphics (such as animated simulation modeling results) to present recommendations. We are always client-oriented, and are committed to providing our clients with efficient, effective and enduring transportation systems.

Our senior staff have held management-level government positions. Most have extensive agency and municipal experience, and understand how to marry stakeholder desires and efficient transportation solutions in a budget sensitive environment. We have also had extensive experience in building consensus on contentious projects.

CHS Consulting Group expertise includes:

The firm provides expertise in all modes of transport including vehicle, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian transportation. Find out more by clicking on our services page.


Chi-Hsin Shao te, aicp | Principal

Chi-Hsin Shao has over 30 years experience as a transportation planner and traffic engineer, specializing in multi-modal transportation planning and systems. Mr. Shao held senior management positions with both public agencies and private consulting firms, including terms as Deputy Commissioner of Policy and Planning for the Boston Transportation Department, and Head of the Transportation Planning Section for the San Francisco Planning Department.

Mr. Shao has managed hundreds of transportation planning and traffic engineering projects in the United States and abroad. He functioned as the City of Boston's lead person overseeing the development of Boston's Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project. He has been responsible for the development of several multi-modal master plans in challenging brown field sites, such as Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Treasure Island Naval Station, and the Brisbane Baylands. He has also been the lead transportation professional for several major transportation projects, including the Van Ness Avenue BRT Project, Caltrain Downtown Extension Project and several major transit station area development and improvements.

Mr. Shao also has extensive experience in Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Korea. He served as a foreign expert advisor for the Tianjin Planning Bureau for the Tanggu Binghai New District Plan. Two recent projects he participated in each won two awards. The Tianjin Financial City Vision Plan was awarded a prestigious 2011 International Architecture Award by The European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies in conjunction with The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design. The Guangzhou Baietan Area Master Plan received a 2011 AIA San Francisco Merit Award for Urban Design.

Mr. Shao is a registered Traffic Engineer in California, a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), and a Fellow with the Institute of Transportation Engineers. He holds a Masterís degree in Infrastructure Planning and Management from Stanford University, and a Bachelorís degree in Architecture from Chung Yuan University in Taiwan.

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William Lieberman AICP | Transportation Planning Coordinator

Bill Lieberman has close to 50 years of experience in transportation planning. Much of his work focuses on public transit, from strategic plans for regional transit systems to detailed station circulation and wayfinding schemes. In his career, Mr. Lieberman has held senior positions with both public transit agencies and private consulting firms. He was Director of Planning and Operations for the San Diego Metropolitan Transit Development Board for 17 years, and later served as the Director of Planning for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).

Mr. Lieberman has long been involved in rail transit planning, including light rail, commuter rail, streetcar and automated guideway transit lines. His work includes the development of some of the first modern light rail lines in the United States, such as the Max Eastside and Westside lines in Portland, OR, and seven extensions of the San Diego Trolley. He led CHS's involvement in revising the light rail system operated by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA).

Mr. Lieberman has also been instrumental in developing Express Bus and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines for several systems, including studies and plans for VTA, SFMTA, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), and the precursor to Sound Transit in Seattle, WA. He has also devised plans for new bus systems in cities throughout the United States, as well as for bus service revisions in several large metropolitan areas. While with SFMTA, he oversaw the first phase of its Transit Effectiveness Program, the first comprehensive effort to transform the system in over 25 years. At CHS, he devised a new scheduling system for the Tri Delta bus system in Contra Costa County.

Mr. Lieberman holds a Master of Regional Planning degree from the University of North Carolina, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northeastern University. He is a Charter Member of both the American Institute of Certified Planners and the Congress for the New Urbanism, and is a Fellow in the Institute of Transportation Engineers.

Angelo Figone | Transit Operations Specialist

Angelo Figone is a nationally recognized expert in transit operations and scheduling. Mr. Figoneís career includes positions with the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (MUNI) as Deputy General Manager, General Superintendent of Rail Transportation and System Scheduling, General Superintendent of Safety & Training and Scheduling and Data Services, and Manager of Scheduling and Data Services.

Mr. Figone has been involved in public and private transit services for over 30 years. He has successfully implemented route startups, schedule modifications, and labor provision changes for a wide range of transit systems. He also conducted financial analyses of transit operations and led technical training seminars for transit operators.

Over the past six years, Mr. Figone has been one of the lead professionals for the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency's Transit Effectiveness Program. This is the first time over the past 30 years SFMTA began a comprehensive review and restructuring of its entire bus fleet to make the system more efficient and reliable. Mr. Figoneís involvement began with the initial planning and feasibility studies and continued over the past four years assisting the SFMTA in the implementation of the route and schedule changes and work rule changes.