Telegraph Avenue Corridor Improvements

The Oakland City Council voted 8-0 to support making protected bike lanes on Telegraph Avenue permanent. The bike lanes are part of a complete streets treatment implemented earlier this year after extensive outreach to the KONO and Temescal communities. It also reduces general purpose lanes from 4 to 2, creates additional pedestrian crossings that are also safer, and reconfigures Shattuck Avenue Plaza. 

As a longtime resident of this area, I’ve been seeing a big difference when I access Telegraph as a pedestrian, cyclist, and driver.  Vehicle traffic moves at a slower but steadier pace because there is no longer a second lane for passing.  As a pedestrian, I feel much safer now that there are few instances of unsafe passing at mid-block crossings.  As a cyclist, I no longer feel intimidated sharing space with automobiles.   

What do you think? Is the new configuration too confusing, or will it result in a safer and more effective Telegraph/Temescal corridor for everyone? See the below before and after photos that illustrate how things have changed.